“A Club for Every Campus”

The National Collegiate Paintball Association is an incorporated, non-profit organization comprised of college paintball clubs and teams across the country. The NCPA facilitates the creation and growth of college and high school paintball activity and national coordination amongst college and high school clubs and teams. These clubs and teams work in concert with the national organization to create and develop new athletes for the sport of paintball.

The NCPA runs a nationwide college paintball league designed to provide a friendly, quality, inexpensive way for players to try competitive paintball and improve their abilities. The NCPA also financially subsidizes competition within its leagues.

The NCPA also provides similar services at the high school level in an effort to encourage paintball participation at an earlier age and consequently provide college paintball with more experienced students to help the NCPA develop as many athletes as possible.

The National Collegiate Paintball Association is an incorporated, non-profit organization. NCPA policy is set by a Board of Directors annually elected by the member-clubs. The Board of Directors also appoints the executive officers who run the organization. As a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering amateur level athletic competition under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, the NCPA is a tax-exempt organization, and contributions to the NCPA are tax-deductible.

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