NCPA (Free) Services

The NCPA offers several free services to college paintball and its clubs, teams and players.

  • Paint Sponsorship – All college clubs are eligible for reduced pricing from multiple paint manufacturers. Click Here for more details.
  • Gear Sponsorship – The NCPA offers discounts on various products through multiple retailers and distributors *EXCLUSIVELY* to college and high school clubs and teams, ranging from 5% off and free shipping to 66% off retail. Click Here for more details.
  • Online Registration for your events – Is your college hosting an event? Recreational, scenario, for student organizations at your school or a fundraiser with teams in the area, if your club or team is hosting an event, the NCPA can provide online registration for it. E-mail online registration setup requests to Chris (
  • The Official College Clubs List which lists all of the college clubs with other information. This list helps other students, clubs and sponsors get in touch with you. The list is dynamically updated, so make sure to add your club today!
  • The NCPA Friendly Fields List lists fields that have agreed to give you a discount just because you’re a college player. Does your field already give college players a discount? Encourage them to list themselves for free added publicity!
  • The NCPA Match List helps you find other students at your college and in your area to coordinate with to form clubs and run events.
  • Conference Website Hosting – Trying to start a new college conference? The NCPA can give you the web space to get your presence (and information) on the web.
  • General Event Support – Need help selling your event to your college or fields? Getting in touch with college friendly sponsors? The NCPA is full of people who’ve probably already done what you’re trying to do. Get help on the web board or from one of the people in the Contacts page.