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Class A Events

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What is Class A?

The NCPA has two divisions, Class A and AA.  Class A features match-based competition, where two teams face off for multiple points over the course of two 10-minute halves.  Top conference teams plus winners from Open tournaments advance to the single-elimination Class A Playoffs at the NCPA National Championships in April.  The tournament is webcast live worldwide, and the Championship match is broadcast on CBS Sports Network and other outlets.

Qualifying for the Class A Playoffs

Teams may qualify for the Class A playoffs by placing 1st or 2nd in a Class A conference, by placing 1st or 2nd at the Collegiate World Cup, or by placing 1st or 2nd in the Class A Play-In tournament held the Friday of the NCPA National Championships.

Qualifying via Class A Conference Play

The season entry fee for Class A Conference Teams is $3,800.  Each conference consists of 4 or 5 Class A teams who play 8 or 9 regular season matches split over three event dates, followed by three matches in the Class A Play-In tournament at the National Championships.  The top two teams in each conference after all these matches advance to the Class A Playoffs. Teams must petition the NCPA to be awarded a spot in a Class A Conference.  Spots will be awarded at the discretion of NCPA officials based on:

  1. Geography
    • Teams must be within reasonable traveling distance of enough other teams qualified to play Class A for a conference to be formed.  Our goal is to limit travel time to about 6 hours.
    • There must be sufficient Class AA participation in the team’s area that existence of a Class A conference will not adversely effect Class AA tournament participation.
  2. Previous NCPA Participation – Teams must have a history of having the financial resources and ability to field enough players to compete in Class A.   Spots will be awarded in order of priority to:
    1. Class A Conference Teams who competed in the previous season National Championships.
    2. Class A Conference Teams who successfully completed the previous Class A regular season.
    3. Teams who competed at both the Collegiate World Cup and National Championship tournaments the previous season
    4. Teams who entered at least two teams in four Class AA tournaments in the previous season
    5. Teams able to submit a roster of at least 10 players with tournament experience and able to pay the entire $3,800 season entry 10 days prior to the first conference event.
  3. Consideration may be given to teams who do not completely meet the above criteria in light of other positive factors like extensive NCPA history, large recreational organization, or significant university support.

Qualifying via Collegiate World Cup – BONUS! 2 FREE Class AA Entry Fees!
The NCPA hosts Collegiate World Cup each fall at the PSP World Cup. Any team of eligible college players may enter Collegiate World Cup, and the winning team receives a free entry and guaranteed spot in the playoffs at the National Championships. If at least 6 teams compete, the 2nd place team will also receive a guaranteed spot in the playoffs. Note that if a Class A Conference team places 1st or second, the spot they earn will be given to the 3rd place team in their conference.

For 2013, Collegiate World Cup will be held October 19 and 20, and the entry fee is $1,900 per team.

To encourage Collegiate World Cup participation, we will be awarding each school that competes with two Class AA entry fees.   Entry fees are good for up to $150 and must be used after Collegiate World Cup but prior to the end of the season.  The entry fees are not transferable to another school.

Qualifying via the Play-In Tournament
There is a Play-In Tournament on the Friday of the National Championship weekend. At least the top two teams from this Play-In Tournament will receive a spot in the Playoffs. All Class A Conference Teams are automatically entered in the play-in tournament, Collegiate World Cup winners have the option to play the Play-In Tournament to improve their Playoff seeding, and any other team of eligible college players may enter the Play-In tournament for $1,900.

Submitting a Request for a Class A Conference Spot

First, sign your team up for Class A, including completing your roster for the 2013-2014 season (you can make changes later, but be as complete as possible) through the APPA system:

2013-2014 Class A Conference Request APPA Sign-Up

Then, please send an e-mail to (ncpa@college-paintball.com) with the following information:

  • School Name
  • Team Captain’s Name, E-mail, and Telephone Number
  • Name, email address and phone number of the person or office at your University who is responsible for processing your Class A season entry fee, or a statement that you will not be paying your fee from any funds where University approval of any sort is required.
  • Link (or file attachment) to a vector file (scalable) version (Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps) of your school’s logo. No .jpg, .png, .gif, .tif, etc, or anything converted from similar pixel file types.

We are continually striving to increase our response time to e-mails.  If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your bid request within 48 hours, please e-mail us again.

Player Eligibility
All players participating in Class A events must meet NCPA Collegiate Eligibility Requirements.  These requirements can be found in our rulebook.

Conference Ranking
Teams will be ranked by total wins followed by head-to-head followed by point margin followed by total points scored, including all regular season matches and three Play-In tournament matches. A team that does not play the Play-In matches will score three losses. In the event more than two teams are tied, once the top team or bottom team of the group can be determined, that team is removed from the group and tiebreakers are reapplied from the 1st tiebreaker.

Playoff Seeding

Teams will be seeded into the Playoffs in the following order:

  • Class A Conference Winners
  • Open Event Winners (Collegiate World Cup winner, plus any other Open Event winners)
  • Class A Conference 2nd Place
  • Open Event 2nd Place
  • All Other Teams

Within each group, teams will be seeded in order by total wins, except teams who have played more than 11 matches in the season will have their number of wins prorated to 11 matches. For example, a team that has played 12 matches and has 8 wins will be seeded as though they had 7.33 wins. Matches lost in Open tournament playoffs (after the preliminary round) will not be counted. Ties in the number of wins credited will be broken first by the total number of wins regardless of matches played, and then by average margin in all non-open-event playoff matches, plus any open-event playoff matches that would raise the average margin. For example, let’s say the fewest number of matches played in a conference during the season is 11. If your team played 11 games and won 7 of them you would score 7 wins for the season. If however you played 12 games and won 8, you would score (8/12)*11 = 7.33 wins. If your team only plays 7 matches and you win all 7, you score 7 for the season.

In the event that a Conference Class A team wins an Open Tournament spot in the Playoffs, that spot will instead be awarded to that team’s conference, so the top three teams from that conference will advance. However, if that team does not compete in the play-in round or the playoffs, the spot will be lost and awarded to an additional Play-In tournament team.

Conference Class A Payment Plans/Deadlines

The Season Entry Fee for Conference Class A teams, which includes a minimum of 8 matches over 3 conference events and the National Championship tournament, is $3,800.

All teams wishing to compete in Conference Class A play must pay the full $3800 season fee 10 days prior to the first event for their conference.  Payments not received or postmarked 10 days prior to the first event will incur a $200 late fee.

Refund Policy

  • Teams electing to compete in Class A are committed to completing the season, and must pay the season entry fee in full. Teams who fail to pay the season entry fee after paying the deposit will face sanctions against the team and players, including a suspension from play in all APPA-sanctioned events. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS in the event a team chooses not to complete the scheduled season FOR ANY REASON.
  • In the event that a match must be canceled (for example due to inclement weather) the NCPA will attempt to reschedule the match at a later date in the season. Reschedule dates may be any Saturday or Sunday at the NCPA’s discretion, but the two opponents will also be able to pick any mutually agreeable date and location. In the event the NCPA is unable to reschedule a match, and a team would then have less than 8 regular season matches, the NCPA will refund $237.50 per regular season match less than 8 played.
  • Refunds may be:
    • Used as a credit against future NCPA entry fees, or
    • Issued as a check payable to the party who made the original entry fee payment. (In the event the entry fee was paid by multiple parties, the refund will be pro-rated according to the proportion of the entry fee paid by each party.)

    Choice for method of refund ultimately lies with the party who paid the entry fee.

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