Collegiate Eligibility

Collegiate Eligibility Requirements

All players (whether playing Class A or Class AA) must meet the following eligibility requirements (these can also be found in the rulebook).


All players must be eligible to compete in NCPA events.  Eligible players must:

  1. Be enrolled as a full-time student (graduate or undergraduate) at the time of the event, or
  2. Receive a Full-Time Status Waiver from the NCPA President or CEO prior to signing the team roster at the event.
    1. All Full-Time Status Waivers are valid for one semester only
    2. Full-Time Status Waivers may be Unlimited or Limited
      1. Unlimited Full-Time Status Waivers
        1. May be granted if the player meets one of the following conditions:
          1. Is working full-time in a school-sanctioned co-op program between two semesters of full-time enrollment, or
          2. Is accepted in a degree program but not enrolled for the current semester due to active military service, or
          3. Is a graduate student enrolled at least half-time while also employed by the University in a graduate assistantship or completing masters thesis or doctoral certification.
      2. Limited Full-Time Status Waivers
        1. Are for students who do not qualify for an Unlimited Full-Time Status Waiver
        2. May be granted, once per lifetime
        3. May be granted, provided the player meets all of the following conditions:
          1. Has previously legally competed in the NCPA without the use of a Full Time Status Waiver, and
          2. Is playing with the same school with which they last competed, and
          3. Is enrolled in a degree program, or graduated with a Bachelors or higher degree at the conclusion of the Fall semester, and
          4. Has completed at least two full-time semesters at that same school within the previous two school years, and
          5. Was, during the entirety of the previous semester, enrolled as a full-time student, or would have or did qualify for an Unlimited Full Time Waiver

The most recent, and official, version of player eligibility rules and regulations can be found on our rule book page.


All players on a roster must be eligible players (see above) enrolled at the same school

  1. Different campuses in the same university system are considered separate schools, unless
    1. Degrees awarded to student attending either campus are identical, and
    2. Students applying to the school apply through the same admissions process for both campuses, and
    3. Student at both campuses pay the same tuition, and
    4. Enrolled students can register for classes at either campus at-will

Players found to be in violation of the above policies will face suspension of both themselves and their teammates, and possible further sanctions against their team.

Frequently Asked Questions


I’m a freshman – am I eligible for a waiver?


No. Per the rulebook, you must have completed at least two full-time semesters at your school to be eligible for a waiver.


I’m taking this semester off because I can’t afford school. Am I eligible for a waiver?


No. Students must be enrolled, seeking a degree, and taking at least one class.


I’m taking a night course for my MBA. Am I eligible for a waiver?


Likely not. Each program varies, but you must be considered full-time by your school, or must be employed by your University in a graduate assistantship or be writing a thesis as part of your program.


I’m just taking classes at my University, but I’m not actually enrolled in a degree program. Am I eligible for a waiver?


No. All eligible students must be seeking a degree.


My name is Martin Grasswick. Am I eligible for a waiver?


No. Students named Martin Grasswick are never eligible for a waiver.


I’ve previously received a Limited Full-Time Status Waiver. Can I pretty please have another one? My school’s program would cease to exist if I don’t get this waiver.


No. It’s extremely unlikely that your school’s club would fold if a single player is ineligible.



Waiver Requests

If you would like to request a waiver, please complete the following form:

All fields are REQUIRED

Your Full Legal Name

Your Email

Your School

Your APPA ID Number or APPA Profile Link

Are you currently enrolled in classes, *AND* seeking a degree?

Have you been a part-time student before?

Have you ever played for another school before?

Have you ever received a Full-Time Status Waiver Before?

What degree are you currently seeking?

What term are you applying for an eligibility waiver for?

Please note that if you are not applying for a waiver for the current term, we will defer processing your request until the beginning of the requested term.

What is your expected graduation date?

Please list the number of credit hours earned, per term, for the last 6 semesters. Don't include summer terms unless your school operates on trimesters.
Spring 2018:
Fall 2017:
Spring 2017:
Fall 2016:
Spring 2016:
Fall 2015:
Spring 2015:

Please attach a PDF file containing an unofficial (or official) transcript. This should be dated within 24 hours of submitting this form, and should include your name, school, current status, as well as a thorough transaction of all of your classes.

Please explain your eligibility request: