2016 Season Rule Changes

As the NCPA, teams, and players are gearing up for the 2015-2016 season, we wanted to share with you some much-requested information regarding potential rule changes.

The league will not be making any significant changes to the game formats.  Class AA and High School will still be RaceTo-2 formats, with High School retaining its limited paint format.  Class A open events (excluding World Cup and Nationals) will still run the RaceTo-7 format, while World Cup, Nationals, and full-season conferences will still run the same Class A format as we have for years – two 10-minute halves, stop-clock, no point limits.

Based on responses to the summer NCPA Team Survey, and considering arranging practices with non-college teams, the firing mode for electronic guns for the 2016 season will be the NXL / (Millennium) mode capped at 10.5 BPS.  This is the same mode used in the NXL national circuit.

For Class AA and High School formats, we will also be adopting no coaching/no spectator participation for this season.  A large number of survey respondents preferred no coaching, and the Board of Directors unanimously approved switching to no coaching as well.

Finally, for the 2016 season and beyond, we are making changes to the league jersey requirements.  As it has been in the past, during the regular season, teams may wear any jersey they wish, provided it does not contain padding and meets the other requirements as established in the rulebook (long-sleeved, not excessively baggy, etc).

Beginning this year, all team jerseys must not only meet the existing NCPA jersey requirements, but must come from an NCPA Official Jersey Manufacturer.  This requirement will allow us to ensure a quality product is produced for our players, which meets our jersey specifications prior to manufacture, and save teams from potential fees at Nationals, or any other event where legal jerseys might be required.  Becoming an Official Jersey Manufacturer is a simple, no-cost process for any jersey manufacturer – simply e-mail ncpa@college-paintball.com for details.  Presently, HK Army, Raza, and Social Paintball are all certified Official Jersey Manufacturers.  Any additional companies will be updated on the NCPA Jersey Requirements page.

We look forward to seeing you on the field this year!