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Information – College Info

  • College Clubs List – A List of College Clubs across the country. Make sure your club is listed!
  • Student Information Page – Information for students trying to find or start paintball clubs at their school.
  • Tournament Information Page – Information on the college paintball tournament league. Details about upcoming events and results from previous events.
  • NCPA Discussion Forum – The web board where college players go to find and share information.
  • Starting a College Club – An article by former Michigan Tech President Russ Stebner.
  • NCPA Services – Services provided by the NCPA to college clubs.
  • NCPA Discounts – Discounts made available to college clubs through the NCPA by the generous contributions of paintball companies.

And now, the FAQ:

How can my club be a NCPA club? – Any college club or team can be an NCPA club or team simply by filling out an entry in the College Paintball Clubs List. All clubs receive access to the NCPA benefits package, and being an NCPA club is completely free. Clubs who wish to vote in NCPA elections and on matters put to the membership must become NCPA member-clubs. This requires either demonstrating that your club is officially recognized by your college or university or attending a NCPA-sanctioned event, but is still free, and aside from the ability to vote, conveys no additional benefits over regular NCPA clubs.

Who is the NCPA? – The NCPA is you, the college players, clubs and teams. The NCPA is made up entirely of college players and is run by college players and alumni on a volunteer basis. It is also incorporated as a non-profit organization, making it a legal entity as well as allowing it to operate on a tax-exempt basis and accept tax-deductible contributions.

Does our club need to be recognized by our school? – While becoming an officially recognized student organization is often beneficial, aside from the right to vote, the NCPA treats recognized and non-recognized clubs and teams equally. Non-recognized clubs and teams may still obtain voting rights through event attendence.

How many members does our club need? – You club must have a minimum of three members to be a NCPA club. Some clubs have over 300 members. Size of the club is not nearly as important as function: The NCPA is here to help you get students at your school playing paintball. Host events that get students at your school playing paintball and you are doing what the NCPA is here to do.

When should we list our club in the club’s list? – As soon as you can. The clubs list is the primary means that the NCPA uses to keep in touch with you about upcoming events, new additions to the sponsorship package and other information. It is also the primary means for students at your school, other clubs and teams, members of the paintball industry, local fields and others to find you.

When are elections? – Elections are conducted annually during a two-week period during the six weeks prior to May 15th, with at least one week of elections following the National Championships.

What tournaments are our team(s) eligible for? – You may participate in any tournament you wish, provided you pay the entry fees and exemplify the high standards of sportsmanship the NCPA expects from participants in the events it supports. The NCPA is created and run by the players, and the players, above all, want fun tournaments they can compete against each other in.

Can our college team participate in non-college tournaments? – Absolutely. College teams compete effectively in events from local 3-man’s to Skyball. Local tournaments are a great way to build tournament experience. They also allow you to make connections with other teams for practice and other aid, as well as showcase college paintball in general.

Are there any requirements of NCPA clubs? – You need to maintain current contact information in the college clubs list. You may not use product obtained through NCPA sponsorship in any manner not authorized. You must encourage new players to participate in paintball, both through activities your club organizes, as well as by being a positive example for others to follow. We’d like it if you would put a link to us on your web page, but that’s up to you.

What can our club do to help the NCPA? – First and foremost, invite students at your school to play with you. Encourage your friends at other colleges and even still in high school to form their own clubs. Tell them that there is a national organization to help them do that. Wherever you go, help others, and play in a manner that exemplifies the high standards of play that college paintball promotes.

How can the NCPA help me? – Check our NCPA Services page. If you need something that isn’t there, post on the NCPA Discussion Forum what you need and we will help you out, or email NCPA President Chris Raehl.

Where can I find more detailed information about the NCPA Organization?Right here.

Where can I read about other successful clubs? – There is a description of the basic operation of the University of Illinois Illini Paintball Warriors here. They have one of the largest recreational clubs in the country and have won the MICT twice and the National Championships twice. (If you would like to write up an article detailing how your club runs so it may be linked here, please email Chris (raehl311@yahoo.com).)

More Questions? – The NCPA Discussion Forum is the place to get answers.

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