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High School

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2014-2015 Season Highlights

  • 7 Regional Championships nationwide in March
  • High School National Championship at the NCPA College and High School National Championships in April
  • Win a FREE trip to the National Championship when you win your Regional Championship!

The Game

To showcase each player’s skills while making play fun and affordable for players of all experience levels, the NCPA HSPL features the Tactical RaceTo-2 format. Tactical RaceTo-2 uses the same rules as the groundbreaking RaceTo format pioneered by Paintball Sports Promotions and adopted by top leagues nationwide, but with a twist. We’ve added a tactical component that rewards pregame strategy and precision performance on the field: Each team starts each point with no more than 600 paintballs. Split them evenly for hopperball, or give more to your back players, the tactical decision is yours!

Rules follow the NCPA Rulebook with the modification of it being 3 man, 3 minutes time limit, and limited paint.

The Price

Regional Championships: $120/team entry fee plus field paint purchase.

National Championships: $300/team entry fee includes 2 cases of paint, plus an extra half-case  of paint for each round the team advances.

The Prizes

Regional Championship: FREE TRIP to the National Championship for all Regional Champion teams. The trip WILL be awarded for each region regardless of the number of teams that compete, so if you are the only team that competes in your Regional Championship, congratulations, you’re going to Nationals.

The trip to nationals includes:

  • FREE High School National Championship entry fee
  • 2 cases of paint for prelims, included in the entry fee
  • An additional bag of paint for each playoff round, included in the entry fee
  • Cash travel reimbursement for your airfare, rental car, and hotel room, based on the distance from the Regional Championship location to National Championship event location:
    • Less than 500 miles: $400
    • 500 to 1500 miles: $1200
    • 1500+ miles: $1500

Teams traveling more than 350 miles to the National Championships must be accompanied by a parent or guardian of one of the players or a school staff member. Travel reimbursement will be paid via check once a team has completed the preliminary round of play at the National Championship. To reduce up-front out-of-pocket expenses, teams may elect to have NCPA purchase airfare.


National Championship:

  • Eternal bragging rights as a High School National Champion
  • National Champs team will be featured on the National Champs TV Show on CBS Sports and YouTube!
  • Dine with Legends of the Game! The National Championship team will be treated to dinner on Saturday, April 12th with the NCPA National Championship Webcast Announcing crew, consisting of PBA Announcers Matty Marshall, Chris Lasoya, Todd Martinez and Kevin ‘Catfish’ Arcilla!
  • Limited Edition National Champion PbNation Badge
  • Featured article on Paintball’s leading news sources Paintball Access and Social Paintball!


Regional Champs Locations:

Regional Championships will be played in March.

Any High School team may enter a Regional Championship; qualification is NOT necessary.

  • (Click on the region name for entry information.)
    • SOUTHWEST – March 28 – Action Star Games, Colton, CA
    • WEST – March 28 – Capital Edge Paintball Park, Sacramento, CA
    • MIDWEST – March 28 – CPX Indoor, Melrose Park, IL
    • SOUTHEAST – March 28 – Nitro Paintball, Canton, GA
    • MID-ATLANTIC – March 28 – Skyline Paintball, Strasburg, VA
    • NORTHEAST – March 28 – Boston Paintball (Indoor), Chelsea, MA
    • SOUTH – March 28 – Cousins Paintball, Forney, TX


All players on a team must attend the same high school, with limited exceptions noted below. It is NOT necessary for your team to be officially recognized by your school. The ONLY requirement is that all of your players are eligible.

For private schools, only students who actually attend that school may play on that school’s team. For public schools, the following players are eligible to play on that school’s team:

  • Any student who is enrolled at that high school.
  • Any student who attends a ‘magnet’ school, but would attend the public high school if they elected not to attend the magnet school. To be considered a ‘magnet’ school, the school must accept students who would normally go to several different high schools were they not attending the magnet school, and enrollment in the magnet school must be voluntary. Voluntary means that, if the student wanted to, they could leave the magnet school AND they would then attend the team’s public high school.
  • Any student who is home schooled, but would attend the school if they enrolled in public school.
  • Any student who is enrolled in junior high school, and will attend the school when they graduate from their junior high school.

NO ONE ELSE is eligible to compete for a high school team. If you have any questions about eligibility rules, you should email ncpa@ncpapaintball.com.

Team Sign-Up and Event Check-In

Sign-Up: All teams must sign up and pay their registration fee online. Click Here for detailed instructions

Check-In: (ID REQUIRED!) Each player must bring their photo student ID card. If you don’t have a photo student ID card, you should bring a copy of your yearbook. If you don’t have a yearbook, then you need a photo ID and a report card or transcript. Private and home schooled students should have a photo ID and proof of address. If you have trouble with these requirements, please email ncpa@ncpapaintball.com as soon as possible.

Players under 18 years of age whose parent will not be present at the event should download a waiver from the field where they will be playing and have that waiver signed by their parent and bring the waiver with them.

Common Questions:

My school doesn’t like paintball. Can we still play? YES! The only requirement to compete is that the players on your team meet the NCPA eligibility rules (see above).

How many players may be on a team? You may have up to 5 players on the roster, but only three may play each game.

May we have more than one team? Yes! Each school may enter as many teams as they like.

My school district has two high schools. Can we play on the same team? Unfortunately, no. Each school must field its own team.

When will the layouts be released? Field layouts will not be released in advance of the events. Arrive at the event to allow time for field walking.

Are team jerseys required? Although matching uniforms are encouraged, they are not requiried for high school competition.

Other Questions?

Email  ncpa@ncpapaintball.com

Start Your Team!

Starting a high school paintball team is easy. All you need are three players from the same high school who want to play paintball against other high schools. Then just sign up for a High School Paintball League event near you and play! Being officially recognized by your school is not necessary. You don’t even need expensive equipment or a lot of money to play the HSPL’s affordable, low-paint-use Tacical RaceTo-2 3-man format. You even get free rentals with your entry fee if needed!

Since every team must be players from the same school, every team will have players of various experience levels, so don’t overlook new players! Each local event even includes free admission to open play and a free practice session on the competition field to get your game down before you play for real. There is no limit on the number of teams a school can enter, so put together two, three or four or more and have more people to practice and travel with and the best chance at developing the strongest players to go all the way to Nationals!

Remember, it’s as simple as:

  • Ask at least two other students to play with you
  • Sign up and pay the entry fee for your local HSPL event
  • Show up early on event day for free practice
  • Have Fun!
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