Jersey Requirements

NCPA Jersey Requirements

Beginning with the 2015-2016 season, all jerseys manufactured bearing the NCPA logo must come from a league-approved official jersey manufacturer.  You can find the list of approved manufacturers at the bottom of this page.

Class A Teams are required to have jerseys that meet NCPA standards. In addition, Class AA Teams who have jerseys that meet the NCPA standards receive a discount on entry fees for the National Championship tournament.  Class AA teams are encouraged, though not required, to have matching jerseys during the regular season.

Full specifications for produced jerseys can be found in this jersey requirements document.

  • Padding is prohibited in jerseys. Please see our rulebook, Section 9.1.4, for full details
  • School Logo – Front and Center of the Jersey minimum 8″ Tall X 12″ Wide
  • Last Name – Back Top Center 4″ High (First names optional in any size, as long as last name is present in 4″ lettering.)
  • Numbers – Center Back – 8″ High – 1 or 2 digit player numbers only
  • Numbers – Top of Each Shoulder – Must be placed within 3″ of the collar.
  • NCPA Logo – Top of Arm – 4.5″ Diameter Circle Minimum. Must appear unaltered in any way, including proportions and coloring.  Must appear below numbers at the top of each shoulder, and nothing between this logo and the numbers.
  • All Sponsor Logos are on the sleeves, except:
    • 30 Square Inches Sponsor Logos Max – Above School Logo – This can be two 3×5″, or a 3″x10″ row, etc.
    • Unlimited sponsor logos on the back below the player numbers (Note: This is an update since the diagram was made and replaces the 5″x5″ logo limit)

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Jerseys must be in a school theme, including school colors and a team logo on the front no less than 8″ by 12″. The player’s last name should appear on the top of the back of the jersey at least 4″ tall. First name is optional. The NCPA logo must appear on both shoulders of the jersey at least 4.5″ in diameter. Each jersey must have numbers on the back at least 8″ high. School names and or logos on the forearms of the jersey are encouraged.

If school rules prevent fulfilling NCPA jersey requirements, an exemption must be obtained from the NCPA President in advance of an event.

Approved Manufacturers

2016-2017 Season

  • Anthrax Paintball
  • BNKR Kings Customs
  • DROM Paintball
  • HK Army
  • PBRack Clothing
  • Raza
  • Ruthless Paintball Products
  • Social Paintball
  • Syed Sports
  • UNDR Industries
  • Valken Sports

2015-2016 Season

  • Anthrax Paintball
  • Bunker Kings
  • DROM Paintball
  • Empire Paintball
  • HK Army
  • i2i Custom
  • Kohn Sports
  • Ntensity Customs
  • PBRack Clothing
  • Raza
  • Ruthless Paintball
  • Social Paintball