Submit an Event

Submitting Events for Approval

Event hosting requests should be submitted by the host field or the conference director. Fields interested in holding a NCPA event should thus contact a conference director in their area. If the field’s area is currently underserved, the field may contact the NCPA directly.

Submission process:

  1. Read the event requirements for the host field. Verify that the host field is aware of and will meet the host field event requirements.
  2. Inform the NCPA by email ( of the following event information as soon as possible:
    • Name of the event
    • Date of the event
    • Facility Info:
      • Name of the Facility where the event will be held
      • Link to Google Maps map of the event location (site must be; enter address into Google Maps and then use the “Link to this page” function)
      • Physical address of the facility
      • Mailing address for the facility (for tax and reimbursement purposes)
      • Name of business entity that will appear on our check to you for reimbursement (ex. “Awesome Paintball Field LLC”)
      • Name of the representative at the facility who is responsible for the event
      • Facility Rep’s Phone Number
      • Facility Rep’s Fax Number
      • Facility Rep’s Email Address
      • Name of Field’s insurance provider
    • A photocopy or reproduction of the field’s CURRENT liability insurance certificate, as well as indication that NCPA, Inc. is listed as ‘Additional Insured’ on the certificate.
    • Link to thread for the event in the College Paintball Forum on If there isn’t a thread, start one!
    • Team Entry Fee (Including the $50 NCPA Saction Fee)
      • Standard Price is $485, including 7 cases of paint and entry fee
    • Paint Pricing
      • Indicate out-the-door pricing on all paint ( including sales tax )
      • Tournament quality paint only.  White-box paint, recreational paint, or any paint that is not tournament grade is NOT permitted.
      • Paint should be in one of three tiers:
        • Good: $45/case or less, Empire Custom / Empire Formula 13 / GI 3 Star
        • Better: $52/case or less, Empire Marballizer / Empire Premium / GI 4 Star
        • Best: $60/case or less, Empire Evil / GI 5 Star
    • Time of the captains meeting and start of play
      Note: For outdoor events, play should start at 8 AM. Start of play may be moved until 9 AM if less than 15 teams are attending, and 10 AM if less than 11 teams are attending.
    • Number of tournament fields available at the facility (to determine max number of teams)
    • Who will be refereeing the event? Please provide a brief summary of their reffing experience. You may list referees individually, or if a team or regular tournament referee crew, list their collective experience, including recent events officiated.