Enrollment Verification

In order to compete in the 2018 NCPA National Championships, you must meet the eligibility requirements set forth in the NCPA Rulebook. It is your responsibility as a player to understand whether or not you are eligible to compete in the National Championships.  If you have any doubts as to your eligibility, please e-mail us a reasonable amount of time before the event to receive clarification.

All eligibility exemption requests must be submitted via e-mail no later than April 13, 2018.

To further assist in the registration process, we ask that you read the following information before attending the National Championships.

More Information:

All Players

In order to compete at the National Championships, you must have:

  1. A valid government-issued photo ID (drivers license, passport, or any government-issued ID with your name, birthdate, and a photo).
  2. School ID with name and photo (or name and birthdate if your school ID does not have a photo)

Players who do not have both of the above items will not be allowed to play at Nationals.

If you are not a full-time student and plan on competing, you should e-mail us and request a full-time status waiver as soon as possible. This means the beginning of the semester (January 2018) if you are playing events other than Nationals, and by March 22 if you are only playing Nationals in the spring. Please bring a copy of this correspondence with you to Nationals to clarify any issues at registration.  We also reserve the right to ask any player to prove their eligibility.

Class A


Have everyone on your team mail a copy of their enrollment verification to the NCPA Regulations Supervisor by April 2, 2018, and also bring a copy of each player’s enrollment verification with them to the event.


In order to enter the field of competition a player must be a full-time student at the University (this means the school or campuses must have the same admission process).  Each player on your school’s roster should request two Enrollment verifications from their University’s Bursers Office (or Admissions office, whichever your school uses).  One copy should remain with the student and be brought down to Nationals.  The other copy should be mailed into the NCPA Regulations Supervisor a minimum of one month before the event (April 2, 2017).  The enrollment verification mailed in needs to be an official document from your University, and should be sealed.  Teams may choose to have the school send all verifications to the team captain, and the captain may then mail all verifications at once to the NCPA Regulations Supervisor.  They should be mailed via a method that offers package tracking; please also e-mail the Regulations Supervisor with a package tracking number.

Alternatively, if your school provides the ability for you to request and print copies of your transcript online, you may log in to your university system during the registration process at the event under the supervision of registration staff and print a copy of your enrollment status on-site. To be acceptable as verification of full-time student status, the material provided must *at minimum* include the player’s full name, birth date, number of hours presently enrolled in the current semester, and number of credit hours earned in the preceding 2 calendar years, or since the student enrolled at the school, whichever is later.

Failure to provide the necessary paperwork will result in potential fines or the inability of players to compete at the event.  Additional sanctions may be imposed by the President or CEO if players are found to be ineligible to play.

Class AA

Each player must furnish a Student ID and government-issued photo ID with birth date to NCPA Staff during event check-in.
If you cannot furnish a student ID, you may furnish one of the following in order to prove current full-time enrollment: unopened enrollment verification from the university, unopened official transcript, unopened letter on school letterhead signed by a school administrator, or current class schedule displayed on the university website.
Student IDs with dates are preferred. Any student may be asked to show proof of current status by showing their current schedule on their university website, or may be verified against national databases of student status.


Failure to provide proof of current full-time enrollment for each player may result in the ineligibility of players.

The information you provide will be checked against your APPA Roster, so please ensure they match to avoid any discrepancies at the event. Be aware that all players listed on the APPA roster (and are checking in) will be required to sign a release authorizing the NCPA to contact your respective universities to confirm any information that relates to player eligibility.

Any attempt to falsify the eligibility of a player or team will result in a lifetime suspension from NCPA events for all players involved, as well as potential disciplinary action against the offending team. NCPA will be performing spot-checks throughout the event to ensure that players are in fact currently enrolled as full-time undergraduate or graduate students at the same college or university. Players may be asked to provide supplemental documentation after the event, and those unable to do so will be deemed ineligible. If you are not sure, please ask in advance.

If you have a question, please re-read this page. If you are still unsure, review the NCPA Rulebook. If your question remains unanswered, email your question to: enrollment@ncpapaintball.com

NCPA Regulations Supervisor Contact Information