The 2009 National Championships will be a BYOP event. We also expect to have multiple paint vendors on-site to provide teams with the freshest paint possible, and will upate you as we confirm vendors.

Vendors with Trucks:

  • Procaps/Draxxus
  • BYOP

Vendors with Paint Available at least from Central Florida Paintball (working to confirm truck availability)

  • KEE

Shipping Paint to Central Florida Paintball

Your team may ship paint to Central Florida Paintball, if you can do so in quantities of a skid or more. You may combine with other teams to get a shipment of at least one skid. If you do ship paint to Central Florida Paintball:

  • It must NOT arrive before Monday, April 13.
  • You MUST have your team name on the outside of the skid – preferably on the shipping label.
  • You must accept that while Central Florida Paintball will store your paint inside and make reasonable efforts to provide proper climate control, CFP and the NCPA can accept no responsibility for the condition of your paint when received by you.

Shipping Address:

Central Florida Paintball

c/o Your Team

9365 US Highway 98 N

Lakeland, FL 33809

Paint Pricing:

$??/case and up, or whatever you can work out with your preferred paint vendor. We are working on paint pricing for 2009. Last year, paint started at $35/case, so expect $40-$60 for various grades and you should be in good shape.

Entry Fees

Reduce your entry fee with Entry Fee Waivers! (see below)

Base Entry Fees:

* Price with four $100 entry fee waivers.
** Price with two $100 NCPA prefered hotel fee waivers.

All teams must register by April 14.

Detailed Entry Fee and Entry Fee Waiver Information

  • College Class A (Long Format): Each Class A team may use up to two hotel waivers. Class A teams who do not have jerseys that meet the NCPA Jersey Requirements will be fined $600.

    • FREE: All Class A Conference teams, top 2 Collegiate World Cup teams
    • $1200: Any other participants in any Class A event in the 2008-2009 season
    • $1900: Schools who have not played any Class A events in the 2008-2009 season

    Class A play will start on Friday

  • College Class AA (Short Format 5-man):

    • $500: With 4 entry fee waivers, $900 with no waivers. Each team may earn up to four $100 waivers. *ONLY $500* of the entry fee must be paid to register, any remainder will be collected when you check in at the event. Each 5-man team may only use one waiver of each type.

  • High School (Short Format 3-man):

    • FREE: Top team from each of the High School Regional Championships.
    • $200: All other high school teams.

Entry Fee Waivers (College Only)

  • Stay at one of the NCPA’s prefered hotels. (Limit 1 per Class AA and 2 per Class A team)
  • Have the team and all players on the team complete their team and player profiles in the APPA system, including a photo for each player and a team picture/logo.
  • Have the entire team wear jersies meeting the NCPA Jersey Requirements.
  • Bring a hard copy of their school newspaper with an article on the front page that mentions the National Collegiate Paintball Championship. (Must bring hard copy when checking in – NO EXCEPTIONS) (Limit 1 article per Class AA Team, but one article is good for all Class AA teams from that school)

Registration and Payment

All teams must register online through the APPA Registration System. Payment may be made as part of the registraion process or by mailing a check or money order to:

NCPA, Inc.
530 E South Ave
Chippewa Falls, WI 5479

Teams should register by March 23. Entry fees will increase each week therafter. The final registration deadline is April 14. Teams not paid by April 14 will not be included in the tournament.

ClassThrough March 23Through April 6Through April 14
High School (3-man)$200$225$250
College Class AA (5-man)$500*$550*$600*
College Class A (XBall)$1900**$2000**$2100**