Entry Fees

Reduce your entry fee with Entry Fee Waivers! (see below)
Base Entry Fees:

Class Through March 19 Through April 2 Through April 8
College Class AA (5-man) (Sat – Sun) $700* $750* $800*
College Class A (XBall) (Fri – Sun) $2200 $2300 $2400

* Price with three $100 entry fee waivers.

All teams must register by April 8.

Detailed Entry Fee and Entry Fee Waiver Information

    • College Class A (Long Format):Class A teams who do not have jerseys that meet the NCPA Jersey Requirements will be fined $600.
      • FREE: All Class A Conference teams
      • $2200: Schools who have not played any Class A events in the 2017-2018 season

      Class A play will start on Friday

    • College Class AA (Short Format 5-man):
      • $700: With 3 entry fee waivers, $1000 with no waivers. Each team may earn up to three $100 waivers. *ONLY $700* of the entry fee must be paid to register, any remainder will be collected when you check in at the event. Each 5-man team may only use one waiver of each type.

Entry Fee Waivers (College Only)

    1. Have the team and all players on the team complete their *team* and *player* profiles in the APPA system, including a photo for each player and a team picture/logo.
      • To make sure your player profile is complete, head to your player profile on APPA
      • Once logged in, ensure that you have uploaded a photo via the ‘Picture’ tab.
      • On your ‘Edit Profile’ tab, fill out all of the information in the ‘Contact Information’ section and click ‘Update Contact Information’.
      • Once you have updated your contact information, ensure that all of the information in the ‘Player Information’ section is complete, and that you have selected ‘Yes’ for ‘Are you on a college team’ if it is not already chosen. Click ‘Update Profile Information’.
      • If you previously had answered ‘No’ for ‘Are you on a college team’, additional questions will appear in the ‘Player Information’ section, including jersey, mask, hopper, and other information. Ensure that this information is completed and click ‘Update Profile Information’ once more.
      • To update the team profile, find your team’s club listing in the Club List page (or add a new club listing if you don’t already have one) and click the ‘Edit Club Information’ link.  If you don’t have access to your team’s club listing, please e-mail and we’ll get you access.
      • You will be directed to APPA to login and edit your team’s page.  You should see an ‘NCPA Club Info’ tab at the top of the page.  If you don’t, click on ‘Edit Profile’ and answer ‘Yes’ to the ‘Is your team an NCPA team’ question.
      • Fill out, or update, all of your club’s information, including your club’s Facebook accounts.  If you don’t have social media accounts made for your club, make them!
      • Click ‘Update NCPA Club Information’ to save your changes.
    2. Have the entire team wear jerseys meeting the NCPA Jersey Requirements.  All jerseys must have received pre-approval from the NCPA – please e-mail a proof of your team jerseys BEFORE having them printed to ensure acceptance for this waiver.
    3. Bring a hard copy of their school newspaper with an article on the front page that mentions the National Collegiate Paintball Championship. (Must bring hard copy when checking in – NO EXCEPTIONS) (Limit 1 article per Class AA Team, but one article is good for all Class AA teams from that school)
    4. There are *NO* Hotel Entry Fee Waivers required for 2018, so stay at any hotel you want!


Registration and Payment

All teams must register online through the APPA Registration System. Payment may be made as part of the registration process or by mailing a check or money order to:

NCPA, Inc.
530 E South Ave
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

Teams should register by March 31. Entry fees will increase each week thereafter. The final registration deadline is April 16. Teams not paid by April 16 will not be included in the tournament.


The 2019 National Championships will be a sponsor-only BYOP event.

We will have paint trucks on-site where you can purchase paint. You may also place orders in advance through your local dealer. ONLY sponsor paint may be shot at NCPA events.

Paint sponsors for the 2019 National Championships are KEE Action Sports (Empire) and GI Sportz.