How do I register for the National Championships?

  1. Register for Player ID Numbers – Each player should fill out this form to have a Player ID Number emailed to them. One person may collect all of the player information and fill out the form using their email address if necessary. Players who already have an APPA ID number should use their existing number instead of getting a new one.
  2. Sign Up the Team – The person who will be in charge of the team should use their ID number to register the team.
  3. Pay your Team Entry Fee – Go to the team list, scroll down to your team name, and click the payment button. Once your payment is accepted, “Payment Accepted” will be displayed.
  4. Complete your roster – Go to the team list for your event, and click on “Roster” next to your team name. Use your players’ ID numbers to add them to your roster. There will be a $10 fee to add players to the roster after the registration deadline (April 8) so please be sure to complete your roster in advance.
  5. College Class A Teams Only – You must complete verification of full-time student status prior to arrival at the tournament. Unverified players will not be allowed to participate.

Pricing Information

Full details on all entry fees and waiver, as well as information on how to pay, can be found on the Nations Pricing page

Registration Deadlines

Teams should register by March 30. Entry fees will increase each week thereafter. The final registration deadline is April 16. Teams not paid by April 16 will not be included in the tournament.


Verification Process (Class A only)

Class A Enrollment Verification Process

Team Check-In on Arrival

All Class A teams begin play on Friday morning and should check-in Thursday night. All other teams are strongly encouraged to check in at Austin Tindall Regional Park prior to 6 PM on Friday. Players may check in Friday morning, but will be assessed a fee of $5 per player to do so.

Remember that you will need proof of identity for ALL of your players as well as proof of full time student status (government issued photo IDs and certified tuition receipts/transcripts for college players, current photo student IDs or yearbook pictures for high school players). PLAYERS WHO CAN NOT DEMONSTRATE IDENTITY AND STUDENT STATUS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO COMPETE! College Class AA teams must also bring proof of completion for any entry fee waivers. Teams with fewer than 3 waivers will need to pay the remainder of their entry fee at check-in.

Team Check-In Check List

What do we need to bring to check in?

All College Teams

  • Government-issued Photo Identification for Each Player
  • School Photo Identification

College Class A

  • Each player’s jersey meeting NCPA jersey requirements. Class A teams whose players do not have jerseys meeting the requirements will be assessed a non-compliance fee up to $600, based on number and significance of requirements not met.
  • If you have not completed the Class A Enrollment Verification Process, a SEALED (by your school’s registrar) envelope with the necessary materials. We are SERIOUS about enrollment verification. You will be assessed a massive fine ($200 per player minimum) if we need to verify your enrollment post event.

College Class AA

  • Please bring all items needed to show proof of your team meeting the entry fee waivers described on the Nationals Pricing page (jerseys for every player, copy of local media article, etc).

High School

  • School-issued Photo ID for each player, or other photo ID and proof of address and birthdate for private/home schooled players.
  • A completed, signed field waiver for each player under 18 years of age.