Eligibility, Rules, and Reffing


Eligibility Rules

The National Collegiate Paintball Association and its member-clubs and member-players believe in and maintain the highest standards in paintball play. Inappropriate behavior either on or off the field is not, and will not, be tolerated. Players and teams who cannot be respectful to themselves and others will be asked to leave the tournament and may face further action. This tournament is for everyone to have a good time, learn something, and maybe pick up some bragging rights. If this is not why you are attending please stay home.


ELIGIBILITY RULE SUMMARY:(Complete rules regarding player eligibility and team eligibility can be found in the NCPA Rulebook).

  • College – All players must be currently enrolled as full-time undergraduate or graduate students. Players on the same team must attend the same college or university (this generally means the school or campuses must have the same admission process, tuition, degrees awarded, etc).
    • An exception to full-time student status may be available; consult the NCPA rulebook for specific options.
    • IF IN DOUBT about eligibility, it must be cleared BEFORE you get to the tournament!
  • High School – All players on a team must be students at the same high school or junior high school. Junior high school players from the same school district are permitted on high school teams. Private or home-schooled students who would attend that public high school if they were to attend public school are permitted on high school teams.



  1. Please read the Enrollment Verification Page


  1. Please read the Enrollment Verification Page
FURTHER INFORMATION:Failure to provide proof of current full-time enrollment for each player may result in the ineligibility of players.

The information you provide will be checked against your APPA Roster, so please ensure they match to avoid any discrepancies at the event. Be aware that all players listed on the APPA roster (and are checking in) will be required to sign a release authorizing the NCPA to contact your respective universities to confirm any information that relates to player eligibility.

Any attempt to falsify the eligibility of a player or team will result in a lifetime suspension from NCPA events for all players involved, as well as potential disciplinary action against the offending team. NCPA will be performing spot-checks throughout the event to ensure that players are in fact currently enrolled as full-time undergraduate or graduate students at the same college or university. Players may be asked to provide supplemental documentation after the event, and those unable to do so will be deemed ineligible. If you are not sure, please ask in advance.

All Players under 18 years of age must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian to play.



Referees needed for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The NCPA offers the best reffing conditions of any league.

  • Players and teams are courteous or severely penalized or ejected from the event.
  • Field-cleaning crews will be provided.
  • Referee jersey provided for you to keep and laundered Saturday night.

Contact ncpa@college-paintball.com if you would like to referee.

Game Rules

NCPA Game Rules will be used.


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