2014 National Championships Registration Information

Hello all participating NCPA Nationals 2014 teams!

In the next couple days, you will all be arriving to Nationals and we just wanted to send out a few reminders about the event.

Registration HoursĀ 

Thursday April 10: 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM; Friday April 11: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM; Saturday April 12: 6:30 AM – until games end. Please make sure your whole team is present when you come to register. All players will need to bring a school ID and a government issued ID when checking in.

Class AA Registration Information

Team entry for Class AA is $900. Teams have already paid $600 when they registered and will be charged $100 of the remaining balance for each of the entry fee waivers listed below that your team does not have: (Short version: Complete your APPA player profiles, bring your jersey with you, and bring a hard copy of your school newspaper article)

1. College profiles completed on each players APPA profile:

Teams will need to have every player’s College profile complete on their APPA account, including a photo for each player and a team picture/logo. To make sure your player profile is complete, head to your player profile on APPA.
1) Once logged in, ensure you have uploaded a photo that meets the APPA photo criteria via the ‘Picture’ tab.
2) On your ‘Edit Profile’ tab, fill out all the information in the ‘Contact Information’ section and click ‘Update Contact Information’
3) Once you have updated your contact information, ensure that all of the information in the ‘Player Information’ is complete and up to date, and that you have selected ‘Yes’ for ‘Are you on a college team’ if it is not already chosen and that the information in the college section is complete and updated as well. Click ‘Update Profile Information’
4) If you previously had answered ‘No’ for ‘Are you on a college team’, additional questions will appear in the ‘Player Information’ section, including jersey, mask, hopper, and other information. Ensure that this information is completed and click ‘Update Profile Information’ once more.

Note registration staff will NOT be filling out this information for players. If players do not have this complete when they arrive to registration, each player will be assessed a $10 late fee and then players will have to log in and fill out the information on supplied computers at registration.

2. Matching Team Jerseys:

Each player will need to bring their Jersey with them to registration for staff to check that they meet all the requirements as listed below to receive the $100 discount:
As of May 2012, padding is prohibited in jerseys.
School Logo: Front center of the jersey minimum 8′ tall X 12′ wide.
Last Names: Back top center 4′ high (first names optional in any size, as long as last name is present in 4′ lettering.)
Numbers on back: 8′ high- 1 or 2 digit player numbers only
Player numbers on the top of each shoulder
NCPA Logo on top of arm on shoulders: 4.5′ diameter circle minimum
All Sponsor Logos are on the sleeves, except two 3’X5′ sponsor logos may appear on the front of the jersey above the school logo, one on each side. Unlimited sponsor logos on the back below the player numbers.

3. School News Article

Bring a hard copy of your school newspaper with an article on the front page that mentions the National Collegiate Paintball Championship to receive the $100 discount. (Must bring hard copy when checking in. NO EXCEPTIONS. If your school only has an online newspaper, you must bring a printed copy. Printers will NOT be provided at registration for this purpose.) (Also note, if school has multiple teams participating, one article will cover all teams)

Class A Registration Information

Class A Teams have two requirements, if teams do not meet these requirements fines will be applied.
Teams are required to have their Player Profiles completed. For each player that does not have their profile completed when arriving to registration there will be a $10 fine per player.
Teams are required to have Matching Team Jerseys that meet all the NCPA jersey requirements. All players must bring their jerseys to registration for inspection. If your team’s jerseys fail to meet requirements, a $500 fine will be assessed.

Enrollment Verification:

All Class A teams should have already mailed in their enrollment verification in the prior weeks leading up to Nationals. If your team did not mail in their enrollment verification and your school provides the ability to request and print transcripts online, computers and a printer will be provided for this at registration. All teams that mailed in their enrollment verification will also need to bring a second, unopened copy with them when they arrive to registration.

Additional Information

The Class A schedule will be released today, Wednesday April 9th. The Class AA schedule will be released Friday evening April 11th.

We are happy to announce the following vendors will be attending Nationals this year: Exalt, HK Army, Trade My Gun and Social Paintball. While here, please check out these vendors who support the NCPA.

Paint will be available for purchase on-site from Empire and G.I. Sportz. Only Empire or G.I. Sportz branded paint may be used at the NCPA National Championships.

The Class A webcast will air on Paintballaccess.com starting Friday at 9AM with Matty Marshall and Todd Martinez returning to commentate so make sure to tell all your friends and family to tune in all weekend! And for 10th year on TV, The finals Class A game will be aired on CBS Sports Network at Noon eastern on Saturday, May 17th!

If there are any questions or concerns about the above information, please feel free to email us atNCPA@college-paintball.com. We are looking forward to seeing all the teams and the great competition they bring this weekend.

Thank you and safe travels,