2016 National Championships Update – Spectacular New Venue in Kissimmee, FL!

2016 NCPA National Championships Update – Spectacular New Venue in Kissimmee, FL!


The 2016 NCPA National Championships are coming to a NEW venue, the Austin-Tindall Regional Park, just 10 minutes directly south of the Orlando International Airport, in conjunction with the co-ed College D1 Ultimate Frisbee Championships.

The event will be held on April 15-17, 2016! Mark your calendars now!

The facility is a premiere sports park designed to host national-level athletic competitions, featuring level grass playing fields, ample parking, permanent rest rooms, and on-site concessions.

Players and teams will have access to tons of affordable lodging across Osceola county, and enjoy close proximity to one of the nation’s most-connected airports and all of Central Florida’s tourist hot spots.

We will be announcing partner hotels and rates shortly.  Feel free to book your airfare into Orlando International Airport.  More details to follow in the next week.

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Upcoming College Events – Play Now!

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NCPA College National Championships- Kissimmee, FL – April 15-17 – Sign Up Now!

Player Eligibility Reminder

A friendly reminder to all players and teams that, in order to play a college event, you must be a full-time, enrolled, degree seeking student at your university, or have a received an eligibility waiver from the NCPA President or CEO.  Additionally, each team must only consist of players attending the same university (satellite campuses and statewide systems count as separate schools).  Each player, as well as your team captain and president, should verify with each player that they meet the eligibility requirements as set forward in our rules.

If you have any question regarding player eligibility, or if you need to apply for an eligibility waiver, please visit the collegiate eligibility page on our website: