Fall Fundraiser – Promote Paintball, Get Stuff!

This fall, the NCPA will be supporting a nationwide campaign to promote paintball to the general public, including setting up booths at high-foot-traffic locations around the country. Each booth will provide general information about paintball, an opportunity to handle basic paintball equipment, and a reball shooting range.

We would like your team’s help in staffing these booths. The campaign will run for 4-5 weeks during September and October, with a booth at each location for one weekend. Responsibilities include communicating basic information about paintball to the general public, highlighting safety, answering questions, and operating the reball shooting range.

We would like each team to provide 3-4 people to operate each booth for the weekend. Everything you need will be provided for you, and we’ll also have a short training video so you’ll know exactly what to do. You don’t have to have the same people all weekend, and they don’t have to be experienced tournament players, just people who have a basic understanding of and enthusiasm for paintball.

You are welcome to promote your college club and team, and are encouraged to work with your local field(s) to promote them as well, whether that be handing out flyers or discount coupons.

This is a great promotional opportunity for your club and team. Promoting paintball directly to the general public will help you with your home field and your sponsors, and promoting your school will help you secure more funding for your program.

In addition to the promotional value to your program, we will also be providing more direct incentives to participating clubs and teams, most likely in the form of paint cases for use at practice/events, so this will provide an excellent opportunity to cut your club/team expenses as well.

Virtually every team should have at least one location within 50 miles of your school, and some will have as many as ten. You are also welcome to travel to locations further away if you would like, so your team can easily help at several locations and cover a major portion of your paint needs.

If your program is interested in participating, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing ncpa@college-paintball.com, preferably by Friday, June 10. This is not a firm commitment, we just want to get a feeling for what areas we can cover. Please include the following information:

– Name of your school
– Your Zip Code
– Contact information for your club leadership for the next school year
– Number of people who can help out at one time (i.e. number of locations you can staff at once)
– Number of miles you’re willing to travel to a location

Remember, this is not a firm commitment, so email us even if you’re just pretty sure, and don’t worry about having an exact head count.

High School teams are eligible to participate in this promotion, as long as you have at least one parent or teacher who is willing to work with you.

If you have any questions, please visit this thread on PbNation where we have more details and will be answering questions.


Chris Raehl
National Collegiate Paintball Association, President