Sponsorship Programs for the College and High School Paintball National Championships

The National Collegiate Paintball Association is paintball’s largest non-profit organization and second largest membership organization. Whether it’s taking other college and high school students on their first paintball outing, generating positive paintball coverage in their local media, running charity events, speaking with their legislators, hosting scenario games or competing in the NCPA’s national college league or at events like World Cup, Huntington Beach or the International Amateur Open, the NCPA and its members have contribute to the sport more often and in more ways than any other paintball organization. In addition to regular appearances in local, high school and college papers, the NCPA and its clubs and teams are coverred monthly in the paintball media and have appeared in virtually every major paintball publication.

The NCPA’s greatest strength, however, is its ability to attract new players to the sport. Each year, thousands of students in colleges and high schools across the country play paintball for the first time during activities organized by NCPA clubs. From monthly club recreational outings to on-campus fundraisers to one of nearly 30 NCPA tournaments hosted during the 2003-2004 school year alone, the NCPA provides more opportunities for new players to try and enjoy paintball than anyone else. Not only does the NCPA teach paintball, but it also instills new players with the high standards of sportsmanship and fair play the organization is known for.

Supporting the NCPA allows us to create even more new players and allows your company to be the first to reach them. The NCPA website is the first place college and high school students go for information about scholastic paintball, averaging over 15,000 visitors and 75,000 page views per month. Players at NCPA events are the also the club leaders new players turn to for advice when making purchasing decisions, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year NCPA clubs and teams spend on rec outings, tournaments, practice, on-campus fields or scenario game and tournament fund raisers and charity events.

To receive the latest NCPA sponsorship information, please contact NCPA President Chris Raehl at or by phone at 612.605.8323.